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Welcome to the gallery. We hope you enjoy seeing some of the fun learning the children have been taking part in.

Our Year 3 Girls Football team.

Norman Street Pupils had a great time at a cross country event.

Zoolab visits Busy Bees

Year 3 - Wheelchair Basketball

Year 1 - Outdoor Classroom at University of Cumbria

Year 6 celebrated the 'Good Old Days' with their families.

Year 1 children had a visit from Ashlea Vets.

Cross Country at the Sheep Mount

Boys Football Competition

Comet and Star Mini Beast Hunt

Comet and Star maths challenge

Gardening Club - Week 1 - Weeding

Busy Bees have enjoyed learning about new life by watching chicks hatch.

Year 2 have been growing seeds and learning about plants in Science.

Saturn class have been investigating the forces of upthrust and gravity.

Year 2 had a fun session with Razzmatazz.

Saturn Class have been enjoying their dance lessons with Miss Walsh from RRCA. They are creating their own Mission Impossible themed dance routine.

Saturn Class have been investigating forces in Science. They enjoyed creating parachutes using just one piece of paper, string and a yoghurt pot. I wonder which parachute managed to stay in the air the longest?

On Tuesday this week, 12 of the Year 6 children went to Eden Rock Climbing Centre. The school had been invited to a climbing competition there the previous week, but were unable to attend, so we went this week and attempted some of the climbs in the competition.

Year 5 Perimeter work linked to their crime scene investigations.

Year 2 investigated the best material to make a boat from as part of their Antarctic topic.

Year 5 CSI Day


A brilliant day being CSI investigators in year 5! The children practised skills such as fingerprint testing, analysing footprints, taking samples of different fibres and powders, before putting all their learnt skills to the test as they solved a crime during the afternoon.

Year 1 Alien Visit


This week there have been some very strange things happening in Year one! On Thursday morning we found some footprints and a letter from an alien who had crashed near our school. He had sneaked in to get warm and had a sleep on our cosy cushions and blankets.



An alien has visited

We did not manage to find the alien, he seems to be very shy. We wrote him some letters to let him know he was welcome. At the end of the day we made a comfy bed for him and left some hot chocolate and cake.   We also left him some tools to fix him spaceship with.
The next morning the tools had gone and the cake and hot chocolate too! The alien Q left us a lovely thank you letter. Will he be back next week .......?

Year 6 Zoolab visit

Year 5 Secret Agents


Saturn Class have had a fantastic start to the New Year and enjoyed completing lots of Top Secret Missions this week, from fingerprinting, designing Secret Agent kitbags to code breaking. They have almost completed their Secret Agent training and are looking forward to learning how to gather evidence at a crime scene next week!



Fingerprint art We enlarged our own fingerprints and then traced around the lines and swirls, writing information all about ourselves.

Secret MIssions