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Sports Premium

Sport is an important part of both our curriculum and extra-curricular activities at Norman Street Primary School.  We aim to provide high quality Physical Education lessons, a wide range of extra-curricular activities as well as opportunities for pupils to participate in festivals and competitions.  


High quality sport and physical education provides benefits to all pupils, both academically and socially;

  1. Improves concentration, motivation, attainment and self esteem

  2. Develops social skills, creates friendships and leadership skills

  3. Improves health, both by improving fitness and wellbeing, therefore reducing the likelihood of long term illness


We participated in a wide range of sports over the last academic year from including golf, bowls squash and climbing.  The following are our sporting success:

  • Carlisle Boys Athletic Champions 2015
  • Central Academy Cup Winners 2015
  • Climbing Competition Winners 2015



Current year 6's attended 10 weekly swimming lessons for a 1 hour slot in Autumn 2014 and Autumn 2015 in year 3 and 4. Therefore they had 20 hours of swimming in key stage 2 in an effort to reach what's expected of them by the end of key stage 2 (level 6).


20 Children reached Level 6


7 Children reached Level 5


5 Children reached Level 4


4 Children reached Level 3


5 Children reached Level 2.


1 Child only attended swimming once


4 Children started with us after swimming lessons took place

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.